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  Rockbites is an independent, not-for-profit Web site providing underground music news and reviews as a thinly veiled ploy to raise money for human rights charities.
    (Donate directly, or buy stuff after you click through to our affiliates Amazon.com, Amazon.co.uk, or Insound. More about this...)

    Or maybe we’re a fledgling, grass-roots human rights organization unnaturally obsessed with noisy rock and roll.

The News
In any case, we try to bring you music news you are unlikely to find elsewhere. We want to tell you about good music that is not backed by Vivendi, Viacom, AOL/Time-Warner, or other horrible and large merchants of sucky taste. (Yeah, the occassional great band lands on a major label, but rest assured that it is a bizarre coincidence and not the band’s fault.) When we do cover a story available on other music or news sites, we try to make our posting a bit more interesting or useful with more background, better links, less of a coy or self-important attitude, and so on.
    Rockbites’ taste? Pretty varied... it encompasses 25 Suaves, Air, Adventures In Stereo, The Aislers Set, Aphex Twin, Arab Strap, Autechre, Badly Drawn Boy, Bardo Pond, Beans, Belle And Sebastian, Frank Black, Blonde Readhead, The Bran Flakes, Addie Brik, Broadcast, The Butchies, Buzzcocks, Calexico, Califone, Campag Velocette, Carlos, The Chamber Strings, Chicks On Speed, cLOUDDEAD, Chris Connelly And The Bells, Beth Custer, The Czars, The Dandy Warhols, DarlingD, Death By Chocolate, Death In Vegas, Departure Lounge... and that’s just scratching the surface, and only up to the start of the Ds. But it might give you an idea of the slice of the pop pie that fits within our context.
    We’ll also cover human-rights related work by just about anyone—even Jewel, Michael Jackson, or Robbie Williams. We sometimes carry human rights stories that have nothing to do with music. Human rights are more important than who’s promoting them.

The Not News
We try not to debase our electronic pages with tabloid shite. So we usually avoid stories about musicians crapping out, fucking up, or embarrassing themselves (as we all tend to do now and then), or meeting misfortune (as tends to happen more often than we’d like). We figure other music news outlets have the tabloid bases covered—they are welcome to them.

The Lack of Advertising
As we hope you have noticed, we don’t carry advertisting. So on Rockbites you will never see advertising disguised as content. Since we never accept dollars from artists, labels, or distributors, you won’t be weeding through our words trying to uncouple news from nonsense. We can ignore any artist as easily as we can extol them. We like to think our approach serves as a foundation for a more coherent, interesting, and credible sort of music newspaper.

The Other Stuff
Besides our independent music news we offer some other cool stuff for rock fans.
  • Artist Info Desk: an ultra-concise portal to the best music-related reference sources and music archives on the Web.
  • live Web radio: direct links to the audio feeds of cool stations all over the world.
  • indie store listings: contact info for more than 250 independent music retailers, with links to their Web sites and to maps, and contact info.
How the Human Rights Thing Works
Rockbites raises money for charities as an affiliate of the secure online stores Amazon.com (USA), Amazon.co.uk (UK), and Insound (USA). When you click through from Rockbites to any of these stores, they give us a commission if you buy something. Rockbites turns around and gives all profit to charities. Typically, 10% or more of your purchase price goes to the charities, at zero cost to you or to the charities themselves.
    (Tech details: links on Rockbites that send you to Amazon or Insound include our associate ID code in the URL, letting them know you got there from here. If you then buy something, we get our associate’s fee.)
    All Rockbites profits—100%—go to human rights charities: Amnesty International, Doctors Without Borders, UNICEF, and Witness. These charities do not sponsor Rockbites and are not affiliated with Rockbites. Very simply, we give them money because we endorse their philosophies and their work, and because they each have an excellent track record of doing good in the world.
    We keep records, and will gladly let you know how much we’ve raised and how much we’ve donated—just ask.

Rockbites not your cup of meat?
Well, then why did you read this far? Here, we’ll help: check out the music news listing on the Mozilla Open Directory Project, or else try Yahoo.

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