Rockbites and human rights
 Rockbites is not for profit and supports human rights

Rockbites works hard to raise money for nonprofit human rights efforts. Here’s how you can help.

 Buy stuff using our links
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 Read the Universal Declaration of Human Rights
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  1. Buy stuff using our links

By arrangement with online retailers, purchases through Rockbites cost the same but benefit human rights organzations.

    Just click through from Rockbites to one of our associates—Amazon USA, Amazon UK, or Insound—and browse and buy as you always do. Your cost will be exactly the same as if you went to the retailer directly, but the retailer will give Rockbites a small commission. We then provide matching funds to bring the amount up to 10% of your total purchase and send the money on to nonprofit human rights groups.

    We give 100% of our profit (and more) to human rights organizations including Amnesty International, Doctors Without Borders, UNICEF, and Witness.

    Buying a single-album CD through us (simply click through using any of our links) contributes as much to charity as a month’s worth of daily visits to the exceptionally cool Hunger Site. So we offer pretty good bang-for-the-click. For more information, just drop a line to

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2. Contribute through Rockbites and

By arrangement with’s Honor System online payment facility, Rockbites makes it easy for you to support human rights with a direct donation.

    Just visit our donation page at and follow the simple instructions.

    100% of your donation will go to nonprofit human rights efforts. We do not take a cut. In fact, we add money to cover the processing fee that takes, so that your full donation goes to the charities.

    Those charities are Amnesty International, Doctors Without Borders, UNICEF, and Witness.

    Why donate through us instead of donating to the charities directly? There are, in fact, a few good reasons!

 • Hey, we have your attention! You come here anyway for music news so why not donate a dollar or two to human rights now and then?

 • You can donate in very small increments without feeling guilty about it! We consolidate the contributions of all our visitors and send the money along to the charities. When you donate through Rockbites, a $1.00 donation is just ducky.

 • We do Rockbites as a labor of love. But it thrills us to help make a small difference in the world. When you donate through us we know it’s working and we find that much more motivation to continue on.

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3. Read the Universal Declaration of Human Rights

The Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR) celebrated its 50th anniversary in 1998—but many of the world’s nations have yet to take its tenets to heart. The UDHR lives to the extent that individuals embrace it and live by it. By reading it you take a step toward a world that assures basic human rights for all people.
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4. Tell a friend about us

The will to do good in the world resides in individuals. The power to do good resides in numbers. Please help multiply the benefit that Rockbites provides by telling a friend or two about us, by linking to us, or by writing an article about us. Thanks! | top of page |


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