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All information you give us stays completely confidential
Rockbites protects your privacy. Our simple policy is to never do anything—actively or passively—that would compromise your privacy in any way.
    Rockbites will never sell, give, or redistribute your email address in any way to anyone, ever. The same goes for any other personal information, such as your name.
    We’re registered with PrivacyBot, an independent privacy verification system for Web sites.

• Verify our registration and check our privacy record on PrivacyBot
• Verify our listing on the P3P approved sites page (scroll way down on the P3P page, or search on-page for Rockbites—we’ve been compliant since May 2000)
• Review our complete P3P-compliant privacy disclosure

How does clicking from Rockbites to CDnow, Amazon, or Insound work?
Rockbites gets a small commission when you click a link here that takes you to CDnow, Amazon, or Insound if you then buy something. The URLs embedded in Rockbites’ links contain an “associate ID” that lets these retailers know that you got there from here. So a bit of our personal info gets carried over when you click a Rockbites link to these stores. On the other hand, Rockbites does not receive any of your information. Once you’ve left Rockbites, your clicks are between you and the store, and Rockbites can never learn about them.
    The only information we get from CDnow, Amazon, and Insound is stuff like the daily number of visitors from Rockbites, the daily number of purchases, and the titles purchased. They don’t tell us who clicked-through, or who made purchases.

Saying goodbye?
If you ask to be taken off a Rockbites email list, you won’t be bothered by any more Rockbites emails and we’ll instantly delete your email address from our records, simple as that.

If you have privacy concerns regarding Rockbites that this page hasn’t addressed, please drop us a line at

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