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Secure PGP email
You can send us highly secure email using the free program PGP (Pretty Good Privacy): We’ll be able to read what you send, but no-one else will.
    To do this you will need PGP or a program that supports the PGP protocol. You will also need our PGP Public Key, which you add to your PGP keychain and then use to encode your email to us.

PGP for USA only

PGP for the rest of the world

PGP Public Key for Rockbites, to copy to your PGP keychain. Once you’ve copied our public key to your keychain, you can use it to send us secure email.

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Postal/snail mail
Here’s our postal address, the one to use to send us
  • music (CDs, singles, LPs, DVDs) for review consideration
  • hard-copy press packs
  • messages of love

PO Box 2940
Cupertino, CA 95015

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