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London’s Ciccone independently release 2nd single
24 May 2002
Rebekah Delgado and her band Ciccone continue making inspired and joyful noise—this time oh so horny & prettier than before.

London hyperpop/punk quintet Ciccone (yes, named after Madonna and after the short lived, Sonic Youth-based 1995 punk supergroup Ciccone Youth) set expectations dizzyingly high last year with their debut three-track single Forget Your False Mess'iahs. That must-have disc (get yours while its limited pressing lasts... seriously), recorded as a favor by Sweden-born, London-residing producer Nille Perned (The Wannadies, Cay, Kent, Souls), led off with the over-adrenalized, anti-authority breakthrough A-side Leggit It’s The Rozzers. The video, also made with next to no lucre, strangely and wonderfully landed on rotation on MTV for Europe.
    But Ciccone—front woman & songwriter Rebekah Delgado; vocalist, guitarist, and songwriter Micky Boy (Mick Strickson); bassist & vocalist Mr. Kev (Kevin Narrainen), drummer/vocalist Damo Waters; and keyboards player Gareth Dennis Jones—have yet to be scapped up by an established label, leaving them for now living an object lesson about the disconnect between great music and the industry’s money machine.
    Not to worry. Next Monday Ciccone release their second disc—also a three-track single—on Reading, England’s Muff Records, a label set up expressly for the release. Titled All Stacked Up, it proves to the whole world that their debut was nothing like some flash in the pan and that these fuckers have enough creative fire and devotion to their craft to blithely blow past those... pffft... expectations.
    The new disc includes All Stacked Up (I’m all stacked up/ I’ve got a head full of stuff I wanna do to you...), Ladykiller (Hey pretty boy are you coming with me/ I need a replay of our short history!), and the sublime ballad, Looking For The World—on which Delgado’s child-woman voice leaves you trembling, weakened, and aching for more.
    Delgado told Rockbites this week “Our last single was two fast songs about how shit the powers that be are, done in a tongue-in-cheek way, with a sad slow song on it. This single is two fast songs about how horny we are, done in a tongue in cheek way... with a sad slow song on it. It just happened that way.”
    She continues: “This single was a lot more fun to record. Everyone learnt a lot last time about how we work—not just the band but the producer as well. Plus, we have Damo (our drummer) on board now which has helped put a lot of the energy that we always wanted to be there.”
    So what’s their mission in life? “Ciccone is a hard thing to pin down but here are the common things: We hate pretension, we hate much of popular culture, we love the underground. But we want to be big, and we love rock'n'roll which is pretension itself in many ways, and we want to write songs that are accessible—so we’re a bit of a mixed bag.”
    Along with Norwich, England’s Kaito and London’s The Parkinsons, Ciccone are carrying the punk flag high and proud into the twenty-first century and making powerful, intelligent music to die for. Five bites out of five.

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Ciccone are still writing songs for their debut album, which may come out as early as later this year, to be accompanied by a major tour. Their video for All Stacked Up is in rotation now on the Sky Digital/cable channel Kerrang!TV. They play Saturday at TJ’s in Newport, England and 1 June at the Bull & Gate in Kentish town, London. | Ciccone | | HMV UK, who carry the new single | | old single from Amazon UK | | top of page |


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