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Congress Of The Cow ready self-titled debut
8 August 2002
Ten years on from founding San Diego’s Inch, Stimy is back with a heavy rock 4-piece that kicks butt.

When San Diego, California punk mainstay Stimy discovered, following the break-up of Inch, that the name he’d picked for his new band was already snagged (The Mediums), he changed it to the rather odd Congress Of The Cow.
    Sounds harmless and dorky enough... unless you happen to know that 'congress' is a euphemism for 'fucking' and that 'the cow' refers to a contortion performed by a girl to mimic the presentation of that animal. You see, Congress Of The Cow, besides being the name of San Diego’s coolest new heavy rock band, is the nickname for a sexual position (requiring extraordinary flexibility on the part of the girl and generally acknowledged to be much more fun for the boy) described in the ancient how-to sex manual attributed to the Hindu god of love Kama.
    Stimy formed Congress Of The Cow last year (as The Mediums) along with Francis Winfield (former drummer for Fluf), John Cota (on guitar & vocals, and former drummer with Sushi Joe), and Ray Argyle (on bass and vocals). M-Theory Records head Eric Howarth first heard them during an early appearance at San Diego’s LiveWire bar, in which they opened for and played with Frank Black (ex Pixies). Soon after, Howarth signed them.
    Their self-titled, self-produced debut is an exuberant expression of youthful angst with stylistic nods to everyone from Black Flag to Television to Rocket From The Crypt to 'A Catholic Education'-era Teenage Fanclub. It’s heavy, a bit strange and dark, but definitely radio-ready with consistently exhilerating interplay between Stimy’s and Cota’s guitars and lots of tasty vocal harmonies
    Congress Of The Cow’s debut comes out for the US on 17 September, although you can get it now directly from the label. Three bites out of five.

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