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Rivulets release EP tracked in Iceland
21 August 2002
Singer/songwriter Nathan Amundson goes totally solo on a new live set recorded for radio Iceland.

This week, Minneapolis-based Alaska native Nathan Amundson aka Rivulets released for the US his four track EP Thank You Reykjavik. It’s out on Bloomington, Indiana’s BlueSanct Records, and includes live, in-studio versions of four songs from Rivulets self-titled 2002 debut: Barreling Towards Nowhere Like There’s No Tomorrow , Four Weeks, How Who?, and Stead.
    The music is as sparse as can be: Amundson’s eerily relaxed voice and soporific acoustic guitar and nothing else, recorded for radio broadcast in March 2001 (shortly after the Duluth, Minnesota sessions for the Rivulets LP) at the Icelandic National Broadcasting Service.
    As with the album, the mood on the new EP is rather monochromatic, offering few emotional handholds and presenting a rather opaque affect throughout. Rivulets music, in this sense, is meditative. To latch on I find I need to focus wholly, and when that happens there’s subtle beauty to be found.
    If you haven’t heard Rivulets, you would probably fare best with an introduction by way of the debut LP or, better yet, the recent Alcohol EPs collection out on Silber Records, which is musically stranger but emotionally more accessible. Thank You Reykjavik is for folks who love Rivulets, but it may not be the disc that helps you to fall in love with Amundson’s unusual sound. Two bites out of five.

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